Customer Reviews

“Well I'm using White Balance Cream, it has really worked on my skin. I must say, my bright, clean and beautiful skin really gives me confidence”
Eyza Sheikh


“I am using this white balance cream. It’s a nice cream but its take time to work. It doesn’t make you white but it evens out skin complexion, makes skin fresh, smooth, radiant and glowing. It’s a nice cream with less chemicals and that’s what I like about it.”
Hamad Siddique


“Highly recommended product! I am using white balance cream and it really works. It does not make me fair since I already have a fair complexion but it has made my skin flawless. I had brown spots on my face due to sunlight. I am in love with this ♥”
Saliha Ibrar


“White Balance Cream is a very genuine and good product, perfectly safe for health. I am going to use it myself and being a pharmacist, I strongly recommend this for acne scars, pigmentation and double tone. You all must try it at least once and I assure you, you’ll love it just the way I do”
Sundus Khan


“This white balance cream is very good for my skin. Everyone with pigmented skin scars should use it. Very good and I really like it”
Sadia Rana


“I recently came across this brand and have ordered their face wash, sunblock and whitening cream. I must say I am impressed by their customer service and amazing products. The ingredients used in their products are the best and beneficial in skincare, highly recommend to all. The prices are also very reasonable.”
Lubna Jadoon


“I have use white balance cream and it works perfectly on spots. You guys doing well with giving a perfect product, keep it up and good luck”
Isma Masood


“I have been using your product that is white balance cream. It isn’t much in quantity but quality works for me, it worked on reducing my dark spots and acne marks. It really worked in a good way, they didn’t disappear but they are reduced plus it gave me the best moisture that I wanted without any side effects. I do not buy online products because I don’t believe they would work but your product needs appreciation. It balances skin tone, highly recommended and I will be buying again”
Taham Bhatti


Zaha Amin


“Simply the best. Very good product. Best product for all skin types. I am very happy, keep it up.”
Khadija Kishwer


“I ordered white balance cream a month ago, it’s my 2nd tube now and i am very satisfied with the results. It has given back my real complexion in fact one tone better 😋.
Aneqa As


“Very Effective! Excellent results. Had a great experience and will order again In Sha Allah, you’re your white balance cream   Satisfied Costumer”
Saniya Khan


“I have only used their white balance which is amazing”
Ramsha Kareem


“I used white balance cream and it gave awesome results, really like it!”
Sonia Amir


“I am using this product since June 2018. It’s really a good product which works in a very effective way; Removes dark spots, acne spots, even tones the skin and makes it fairer. I love white balance cream”
Muhammad Shahmeer


“I'm using white balance cream to cure black spots on my face. It's an excellent product”
Ahmad Raza


“Very effective product (White Balance Cream), love it!”
Tabish Baba


“It is such a good cream (white balance) and very effective.”
Sukhaina Malik


“Great service. Timely delivery and they guide very well”
Rashid Ali


“Very effective, I am really satisfied with white balance cream”
Muhammad Muhammad


“Good service and great guidance. Recommended to everyone”
Maqsood Ahmed Jutt